This page is separately devoted to the writers who try and do all of this. Help is welcome from anywhere and anyone who wants to write about Red Devils. It would be really awesome if someone could help us share the work load.


Twenty-three year old Norwegian university student. Man United fan for 17 years. Main interests would be United, music, computer games, girlfriend and school work. Currently studying for a BA degree in political science, and thinking about doing a masters in another country.


21 year old Indian University Student. Manchester United Fan for 6 years. I had a late introduction to football thanks to the cricket crazed world that is India. Started off with FIFA 98/2000 with the English football team; that slowly pulled me towards United. The first proper season for me was the 2008 season and I remember us lifting the Champions League; I, walking away to take a piss when Ronaldo missed the penalty; everything is fresh in my memory. A Red Devil forever. My main interests are Manchester United, Photography, Writing, Computer Games, Movies, Music and lots of engineering stuff. Currently studying for my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and hopefully moving to DTU, Denmark this August for my masters.



21 year old from London, England. Manchester United fan for 16 years. Favourite players during childhood were David Beckham and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Just finished university in May 2013, did a degree in BA (hons) Business Management with Finance and Financial Services. My favourite Man Utd memory was the 2008 final, beating Chelsea on penalties, a brilliant moment.

My interests aside from supporting United is playing football, mainly 5-a-side and 7-aside. I play as a pacy winger, and an occasional striker. My favourite film is The Godfather Part II, and my second favourite film is The Godfather. Other interests include gaming, I own a PS3 and enjoy games like Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted 3, GTA, and also Football Manager.

One comment on “Writers

  1. Ng Lip Hong says:

    i like the theme of this blog. talk more about the alternative issues.

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