Idea Behind This

What is this?

So to get this started, I’ll put my left pinky toe in to the freezing cold water that is the internet, and let you guys know what this is all about. My fellow United fan from India, Vignesh, or perhaps better known as DirectionalVector and I have been discussing the importance of football posts with depth since the end of 2012. We found this common interest at well known and tried implementing a couple weekly concepts such as PMTA (post match tactical analysis), SSA(Specific Squad Analysis) and more fun ones like this one.

What happened next was the popularity catching on and on a unregulated system, discussion were lost. We don’t want that to happen. Our belief is that the greatest Football club in the world should have a great community online which understood the nuances of football and the intricacies behind it. This blog is a step we’re taking in that direction.

Why this?

A huge problem on reddit is the fact that non-popular opinions seem to get overlooked. Downvotes and upvotes are an idea regulated by how the user uses it. Etiquettes can’t be enforced on an unregulated system as in Reddit. Downvotes kill opinions which are not valid ending in a shutdown of discussion. We didn’t like that.

Opinions are opinions. It is the way in which you discuss is what that can change another’s opinion. Not downvotes or upvotes. This prompted us to take this tentative step into the world of blogging. Yes, there are blogs out there. But we intend to change our blog slowly, evolve ideas and develop something that can help represent the United community better on the internet.

Which topics?

The topics range from Tactical Analysis of United matches, build up to the most important matches with a critical eye, injury reports, U-18 match reports, Player transfers and loans; the list is endless and we’ll be looking to cover all of that in a neat and interesting way.

Who is writing these?

Right now, we have four. Pal47, Shnieder88, DirectionalVector and well me. We are dedicated to United; we breathe United like all of you do. We are here to write.

But we have one idea up our sleeve. We will accept news and ideas from you. Perhaps, if you are willing enough, you can contribute an article a week to the blog to write down your news and ideas!

What now?

We are in the process of redesigning the web page and setting up the system necessary to create all of this. Once we get it ready, expect for a new blog. This Sunderland match on saturday might be the start. Maybe?

One comment on “Idea Behind This

  1. Pal47 says:

    Hey, looking forward to reading and contributing to this blog. I know it will be a great read if we can put all our minds together and create a great debate.

    A weekly blog will be a good idea, discussing the main talking points of all things United whilst also covering other aspects of the club e.g. Youth players, player development, potential signings/departures, squad analysis and most importantly some post match tactical analysis! Something I always look forward to reading in r/reddevils.

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