Challenge #2 , FIFA or Football Manager! 15th of June until 25th of June


The first challenge was done in 7+1 days, and resulted in some great posts, which in turn lead to reddit users positive_tension and fackmansander taking home the price of two steam games each.

Seeing as the first challenge brought some interesting posts, and seemed to have an engaging effect on those who participated and read about it, I am delighted to start another one. I’ll keep doing them as long as people find them fun, participate and as long as my wallet can support the prices!

I’ll just hop right on to the different challenges, one for FIFA and one for Football Manager. Choose FIFA 12 or 13, or FM 12 or 13.

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For the Football manager challenge this time, I’ll just put the requirements you need to fulfill in order to challenge for the price.

– Take over Manchester United

– Hire your own assistant, two first team coaches and two youth team coaches. Sack at least two coaches.

– You are allowed to buy two players. But you have to pick players from outside of the top 4 leagues. That means, do not buy players from Italy, Spain, Germany or England.

– You have to sell on bids that exceed the value of the player, if the player is older than 25 years old. For each player sold, you have to wait one transfer window to purchase a replacement. That means if somebody bids over Rooneys’ value in the first transfer window, you have to accept it. You can not buy a replacement for him until January. The idea is to phase in young players. You can of course use one of the two players you get to purchase from the outside the top 4 leagues-rule as a replacement.

– You have to start building a team for the future. That means that you should have a player in defense, midfield and up front, younger than 23 years old, figure in at least 30 games a season. Example: Rafael, Powell, Welbeck all figures in 30 games through out the season.

– Your goal is to win two or more trophies. The charity shield cup does not count.

– The challenge is for two whole seasons, which means you’ll be aiming for 4 trophies

This is a great template to follow for documenting your progress , including a google document and an imgur album. This makes it very easy to check the progress when we’re deciding winners.


For the FIFA 12 or 13 challenge, I want you to take over Manchester United. You’ll have two seasons to complete your goals.

On the first day of season 1, you are going to transfer list Rooney and loan list 5 youngsters for a short loan.

– You have to enforce the transition into a younger generation team. That means your starting centre backs will have to be either Evans, Smalling, Jones or Keane or Wootton, while you rotate Ferdinand/Vidic if you decide to keep them.

– You have to buy either Cabaye, Fellaini or Strootman. Those will be your only signings above 77 rating

– You are only allowed to purchase players with a maximum rating of 77

– You have to sell players older than 25 with a bid matching their value

– If you participated in the previous challenge, you are not allowed to purchase any of the players you did then

– You can not buy players from Spain, Germany or Italy

– When  your short loan listed players return from loan, you have to play at least one of them regularly. That means he should get at least 20 games for the season. You can do what you want with the other 4. Sell, loan out, bench. Whatever.

– Win two trophies each season. Be that FA and League cup or Champions League /Premier League

For the second season, you do the exact same as the first season, except you are now allowed to buy players only from small leagues like Norway, Switzerland, the MLS, Korea etc. So if you want someone, they are probably going to be pretty low rated. This means you’ll most likely buy another Bebe or Dong Fangzhou, but you might find gold like Chicharito.

Make sure you document, screenshot and put into imgur albums as you go, so that the post contains a lot of pictures and describes your progress well in the end.


The price for winning the challenge is going to be a steam game for Fifa and a steam game for Football Manager. That and of course all the glory you could ever wish for.


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  1. James Pike says:

    Thanks for your last blog post

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