Weekly Series: Revisiting 98/99 – The Legends

The trophy is back in our closet. 4 more matches and we can kiss it and do whatever we want to with it. And most importantly, we’ll have lots of time to concentrate on the beauty of the summer transfer window. We can spread rumours of Ronaldo coming back to us, Samir Nasri getting killed by a football or in general rant about needing a defensive midfielder next season to complement Michael Carrick.

Sadly, we are not going to do any of those. As of now, we have a single plan to create a series of posts on the team of 1998-1999. The kids who made men swallow their words by winning the treble. We’ll be revisiting the men who made history and now reside in our books as Legends.

I wasn’t even aware of Football when that happened. and I hope to be able to do justice to the whole series. I won’t be doing the series single-handedly though; my good friend, Rdzzl will be writing about them as well. Our plan is to make this a weekly affair while we write other pieces.

Before I end this update, I will release a small hint about the first player in the series: He is a Great Dane and here is the link to the post: Click Here




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