The perfect purchases nobody talks about

So, listen up guys. I’ve been thinking. I know I am one to point out the obvious transfers that would benefit us, and I did this as recently as in the previous post I put up. Now, however, I have been thinking, and I want to discuss a couple other players that I have not seen talked much about, or that rarely gets a mention when we talk about players that would fit in at United.

First off, there has been a lot of discussions about our wingers, or lack of wingers. We all know Wilfred Zaha is coming in during the summer, and I am certain that is going to be a massive boost for the team. Such a technically gifted, hard working, young English talent that wants to play for us. He has qualities similar of Nani, but seems to be way more collected when it comes to the mental part. Especially if you compare the two at the same age. Crystal Palace LB, Norwegian Jonathan Parr called Zaha “The best dribbler I have seen”, followed by telling us that he is a calm and down to earth type of guy, that can dribble both ways and is quick. Very promising.

The discussion online has been about shipping off either Young, Nani or Valencia. Some people even want more than one of them gone. Crazy, I say. But let’s imagine one of them packs his bags and leaves during the summer. We’ll need more than just Wilfred Zaha in. Let’s imagine Januzaj, Dæhlie and the other potential young, offensive midfielders are sent on loan next season. We will most definately need another winger in. But who? The best wingers are already playing in the best teams. Well, most of them are.

Whether we’ll play a more diamond oriented formation or with wingers, I hereby announce the next Mezut Özil,




Julian Draxler 

Quite tall, very technically sound. Good with both legs, decent pace. Great vision. He’ll work fantastically well as a wandering midfielder. Playing at a decent club in Germany, but by no means near the Man United, Dortmund or Real Madrid standard. He would fit perfectly in the role Rooney has taken when Kagawa plays centrally, or in the CF/CAM role. I am sure he could also play on the right hand side. He’ll be costy, but not anywhere near the price of let’s say James Rodriguez.




Iker Munain

With a picture even Phil Jones would be jealous of. On a more serious note, this guy dominated us in the Europa League. He’s quick, able to use both legs, smart, has vision, has a decent cross, a great dribbling repertoire. He’s 21 and in a club without very impressive finances. We could probably snatch him for somewhere between 12-20 before Real Madrid and Barcelona comes knocking. I don’t know much about his personality, but I know that the spanish media refer to him as the “spanish messi”, and that should tell us something. I know he was linked with us about a year ago, but it has been all quiet since then. This guy is on the verge of exploding into something fantastic, and I’d love him to do that for us. My only concern is that spanish players tend to want to go back to Spain as soon as the opportunity is given.

For the defensive midfield role, I mentioned several players that would make us more complete and give us another edge to our game. I did not mention the most obvious purchase though.





Sandro Raniere

The spurs midfield general. He has been fantastic for about two seasons now, but is rarely mentioned when people talk about Tottenham or signings for United. He is strong, fantastic at breaking up the game, good at starting attacks and is relatively young. I hear a lot of talk about Bale. Sure, I’d love Gareth to pick up on Giggs’ legacy and continue for us. But I would just as much love it for Sandro to wear the red shirt and bring us some midfield dominance for the next ten seasons. He has been vital in the counter-attacking play we often see from Spurs. If you watch them play, pay attention to who breaks up the play and starts the attack. More often than not, you’ll see Sandro winning the ball and quickly playing it forward.

He’ll be quite costly though. Coming to Spurs for about 10 mill if I remember correctly, we’ll have to pay atleast the double. If we don’t get him, I promise you that you will see him in Real Madrid soon.




Andrea Poli

A temperamental Italian? What are you thinking, Rdzzl?

First off, his technical ability is top notch. The way he just plays around with people in midfield is amazing. He does so well in tight spaces, around several opponent players and has great vision and understanding of the game. He has a temper, which I personally love in midfielders. He is glowing of winner mentality. Poli is quite tall (1.81 m) for a technical midfielder, and only 23 years old. Playing at Sampdoria makes him very affordable, even though he is co-owned by Juventus. I am guessing the old lady has no use for him with Vidal, Pogba, Marchisio and Pirlo filling the midfield spots. We almost never buy players from the Serie-A, let alone Italian players, but I think this one has what it takes. He could easily take Carricks’ role when Michael retires, or play alongside Carrick and Cleverley in the squad we have got going for us today.

A couple questions at the end, for the sake of creating some decent discussion

1. Do you have any hidden gems, or players that people have forgotten about that you would like to see at United? Why?

2. How do you think our team is going to look next season? Can Zaha claim the RW spot from the get-go?

3. Are we going to see a new midfielder in, maybe two? Are we fed up with Andersons’ inconsistency?

4. What would you like the next blog post to be about?



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